This is a Timeline  of the unnamed town 

Timeline  Span Edit

Here is the span of the unnamed town's timeline 

1700's Edit

1795 Edit

  • The Town is founded 

1900's Edit

1928 Edit

  • Jeanette's Great Uncle Albert is born (May 14) 

1929 Edit

  • The Annual Town Carnival is first held 
  • The first Beach Festival is held 

1930 Edit

  • Lorraine's Aunt Bernice is born 
  • The Town builds and opens a theme park 
  • The Town Council decides to run the Town 
  • A whole lot of businesses open up 
  • The Town opens up a Book Store 

1931 Edit

  • Jeanette's Aunt Rosalind is born 
  • The Town opens up a Car Dealership 
  • The Town names the local park Bingham Park after the mayor 

1932 Edit

  • The Town makes another makes another park 
  • Mayor Bingham announces that more families will be moving to the Town 

1933 Edit

  • The Town holds their first Spring Annual (April 6) 
  • Tammy's Great Grandfather is born (September 22) 
  • Luann's Cousin, Harry is born 

1934 Edit

  • A chain a stores open in the town 
  • Some of Margaret's ancestors arrive in the town (April 15) 
  • An Italian family moves in the town (May 2) 
  • The first Spring Parade is held (May 8) 

1935 Edit

  • Mayor Bingham starts his final year of being mayor (January 1) 
  • The Council brings up plans for election (January 30) 
  • A Few hotels are opened in the town (March 11) 

1936 Edit

  • Election for a New Mayor begins (January 29) 
  • Doug Reynolds and Frank Norlin are elected for candidates (February 2) 
  • Frank Norlin wins position for Mayor (March 11)
  • A few drug stores are opened 
  • John Bingham's sister and Frank Norlin's cousin get married 

1937 Edit

  • Margaret's grandfather is born (March 22) 
  • Ken and Alice Norlin have a son and name him Francis (June 3) 

1938 Edit

  • Frederick Robinson is hired as Frank Norlin's Vice President 

1939 Edit

  • The graduating class celebrate at the park (Early June) 
  • George Hollingsworth is born (June 20) 
  • A group of farmers move and make businesses in the town