Susan Fitzhugh is a Character in Unnamed Town 

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Auaan is a Caucasian Teenage Female.She has red hair and blue eyes.She has a friendly and nice personality

Trivia and Traits Edit

She is currently in a relationship with Elijah Michaels 

Her father's name is Kenneth 

She dated Sam Harris 

Her grandmother's name is Delores 

She is the first girl who's first boyfriend had lies to about their name,cause Sam told Susan his name was Randall 

She is on Recycling Team 

Her full name is Susan Carlene Fitzhugh 

She had a crush on Robert Meyer 

Her parents were originally going to name her Lori,but they decided to name her Susan instead because her moms friend was in a coma at the time and names her after her mom's friend,also her mom's friend lives through the coma