Joseph "Joe" Gargus is a Character in Unnamed Town 

Joe Gargus

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Joe is a Caucasian Adult Male.He Haas gray hair (which he dyed on a dare when he was 28)and has brown eyes. He has a caring personality

Trivia and Traits Edit

  • He dyed his hair gray when he was 28
  • Hetook Carol to her first concert when she was 14 and when he was 16
  • Like his wife Carol,he is a fan of  the band "Denny McCoy and The Silverstones"
  • He is friends with George Martin and Nathan Richards
  • His favorite type of music is Rock
  • He dated at least one girl before Carol,and her name was Lisa DesJardins
  • He used to like to skateboards when he was younger,like his son Adam