Imogen Pennypacker is a Character in Unnamed Town 

Imogen Pennypacker

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Imogen is a Caucasian Young Adult Female. She has light auburn hair and amber-yellow eyes.She has a friendly and polite personality

Trivia and Traits Edit

  • She is a fan of "The Walking Dead"
  • She is a part of the Theater Arts Group
  • Her favorite type of Music is Country
  • She is called "Gen" by Quinn Dunlap
  • Her full name is Imogen June Pennypacker
  • She is friends with Louise Rediess
  • Her mother's name is Annette
  • She is best friends with Angelina Richmond and Roniqua Perry
  • Imogen's cousin owns a Chain of Record Stores 
  • She dated Drew Sutton in 8th Grade
  • Gary Beth Kline is her best friend
  • She is currently dating Ezra Boykewich
  • Imogen is non reckless, independent and has a wild side
  • She has a huge obsession with comics and graphic novels, Her favorites being Fables, Lazarus, Maus, This One Summer, Nailbiter, The Wicked + The Divine, Saga, A Distant Soil and Y: The Last Man