Emma Moore is a Character in Unnamed Town 

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Emma is a Caucasian Young Adult Female.She had blonde hair with a purple streak and blue eyes

Trivia and TraitsEdit

  • She is a fan of rock and roll music
  • Emma is the first female to say "f*ck" on the timeline when she said "That guy is such a f**king a**hole" and she is the only female character to say "f*ck" on a daily basis 
  • She is the first fremale character to swear on the timeline 
  • Mercedes Gillis is her cousin 
  • She is currently in a relationship with Michael Williams 
  • Her full name is Emma Leigh Moore 
  • She is a fan of "The Walking Dead"
  • She is she only female who has cursed more than 100 times in the timeline 
  • As seen on her online profile, her birthday is October 1 
  • She is friends with Ally Robertson,Sarah Ellis and her cousin,Mercedes