Cynthia "Cindy" Larson is a Character in Unnamed Town 

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Cindy is a Caucasian Female in her early twenties. She has Blonde hair and blue eyes.She has a colorful personality.

Trivia and TraitsEdit

  • She likes to garden 
  • She has two younger sisters named Destiny and Maxine
  • Her favorite celebrity when she was younger was Oliver Billings
  • When she was 15,she went to Arizona on Christmas break
  • She was on the Anti-Bullying Committee when she was in Middle and High School
  • Her favorite type of cake is vanilla
  • She is very protective of her sisters
  • Her full name is Cynthia Holly Larson
  • As mentioned,She is the legal guardian of her sisters
  • She dated Michael briefly in 9th grade 
  • Katrina Ramsey knows her very well