Beth Hollingsworth is a Character in Unnamed Town 

Beth Hollingsworth

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Beth is a Caucasian Young Adult Female.She has auburn hair and blue eyes.She has a energetic and friendly pertsonality

Trivia and Traits Edit

  • She is currently in a relationship with Jonathan Mosley
  • Her parents are billionaires
  • She has a dog named Woody
  • In high school,she was in the swimming club
  • Her uncle was an army soldier
  • She is friends with Darcy Ellis
  • In her teen years,she was on the tennis team
  • A seen, she likes show such as "The Golden Girls","Hell On Wheels" and "Greys Anatomy "
  • Her full name is Beth Wilhelmina Hollingsworth
  • As written on her memoir,she written about being on sports teams and participating in school activities